Playing ♥ Jamming

Playjams are play events for children, ages 2 to 6.

Playjams are community run, kids-activity events that are enormous fun and help foster a genuine love for learning. They involve children, parents, and educators and emphasize on directed-play in groups. Playjams help children build social skills and develop problem-solving abilities.



A large library of S.T.E.A.M themes & activities.

Access a wide range of curated activities for your event. Select from activities, mapped to dozens of subjects and critical skills. Each activity comes with:

  • Step-by-Step guide
  • Materials List
  • Educator Notes
  • Learning Outcomes
  • Printables, Worksheets


Playjam events can be hosted by literally anyone.


Independant Educators

Early years educators who conduct kids-activity at various venues.

Home-schooling Groups

Home-schoolers looking for structured group activity.


Pre-schools who wish to start after-school or weekend programs.

Kids Brands & Stores

Childrens brands who wish to offer experiential activities for kids.

Kids and Parents love Playjamming

“Through Facebook, I discovered Playjam sessions and we loved the format. Participants brought their own materials (things you find at home), work on a theme and create something along with their parent/guardian. They have fantastic insights and advice on working with children, experimenting with different mediums and nurturing creativity.”

Sanjana Govindan

A platform that lets you focus on what matters most.

A powerful set of features to help you create great learning experiences for children.


Curated Activites

Themes and Activities, designed to be age-appropriate and aligned to development stages. Activities are also fun for mixed age groups.

Create Playjams easily

Once you select an activity, you can create and publish a Playjam with just a few clicks. You can share your event page on popular social networks.

Free & Paid Playjams

You can charge for your playjams if you wish. We make it easy for parents to pay you online.

Automated Lesson Plans

When you create a Playjam, we automatically generate lesson plans with learning outcomes, materials list and session flow to make it easy for parents to prepare for the event.

Learning Reports

When children attend Playjams, they learn valuable skills. We log these in personalised learning records, created for every child who attends your Playjams.

Educator Credentials

Every Playjam you host contributes to your credentials as an educator. We store a centralised record of your events alongside parent feedback, and can provide you with a educator-credentials report.

Start hosting Playjams